Welcome to LUCEO!

Hej! And welcome! We are so thrilled to have you onboard with us. Payments are through Swish and Klarna, and shipping is with PostNord. We are only available in Sweden at the moment, but drop us a line at info@luceoluceo.com and we'll try our best to help you even if you live beyond our borders.;) Hope to see you stacking up on our skincare products very soon!

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We can’t put all the products out there as we would like, but eventually with time we will grow. Guess this is the essence of LUCEO, putting the best products out there (those we can stand behind) including great design, packaging and customer experience. We start with what we can, just a few chosen products for you to dip your toe in the skincare-world.

LUCEO btw, means light or shine in Latin, and we felt that’s really something that comes out of this. From the inside & out.