KIT001: The Starter

1 099 SEK

Glow Balm + Face Rescue Cream

KIT001: 1 Glow Balm + 1 Face Rescue Cream

Start off with the perfect CBD skincare kit for face. If you're one of those people who has struggles with sensitive skin, now this might be the right thing for you. Super soothing and calming products for daily care. The kit contains the following products: 

  • Glow Balm - Multi-Purpose Ointment 
    Super Comforting Formula 2% CBD 
  • Face Rescue Cream - Unisex Day Cream 
    Deeply Nourishing Blend 0.5% CBD

You’ll find detailed information about the products on each product page.


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Why CBD?

CBD can be calming, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, balancing and soothing. That's why your skin & body loves it so so soooo much.