KIT006: Glow Balm + Face Rescue Cream + Cedar & Jasmine Candle

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KIT006: 1 Glow Balm + 1 Face Rescue Cream + 1 Cedar & Jasmine Scented Candle

A LUCEO kit with a bit of everything - something for the face (CBD skincare! Yay!), something for the mood (a Scented Candle). Just perfect.;) The kit contains the following products:  

  • Glow Balm - Multi-Purpose Ointment 
    Super Comforting Formula 2% CBD 
  • Face Rescue Cream - Unisex Day Cream 
    Deeply Nourishing Blend 0.5% CBD
  • Cedar & Jasmine - Scented Candle

    Woody & musky character and with hints of flowering Jasmine

You’ll find detailed information about the products on each product page.

Why CBD?

CBD can be calming, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, balancing and soothing. That's why your skin & body loves it so so soooo much.