KIT012: The Travel Buddies

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Travel size! Face Rescue Cream + Soft Touch Body Butter

KIT012: 1 Face Rescue Cream + 1 Soft Touch (20 ml x 2)

The Travel Buddies provides a convenient way to experience the restorative effects of calming Face Rescue Cream and Soft Touch Body Cream on the go. This sample size kit is compact and lightweight, ideal for travels. Enjoy the benefits of nourishing ingredients in a travel-friendly format. The kit contains the following products: 

  • Soft Touch - Ultra Rich Body Butter 
    Deliciously Pampering Body Cream 0.15% CBD
  • Face Rescue Cream - Unisex Day Cream
    Deeply Calming Face Cream 0.5% CBD

 You’ll find detailed information about the products on each product page.


Why CBD?

CBD can be calming, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, balancing and soothing. That's why your skin & body loves it so so soooo much.