Que haya luz

Velas perfumadas

Did you know Luceo means "light" or "shine" in latin? Well, it does! And we though it would fit so well with our brand DNA to bring you some scented candles. What better way to set a mood, right?

LUCEO's scented candles comes in two variations - a muskier woody scent - Cedar & Jasmine and a softer, mild and elegant note - White Tea & Sage. The scents are developed in Grasse, France - the perfume center of the world. And the candles are handmade in Sweden. 100% Soy wax (= vegan) so you can pretty much eat these candles. (For God's sake please don't do that though!)

Cedar & Jasmine - A clear scent of cedar. Fragrance oil has a clear wood character and with hints of flowering jasmine it gets a very unique character. 

White Tea & Sage - A slightly sweet refreshing scent with hints of herbs and green tea, with a base of Amber, Sandalwood and Musk.

What we love:
-100% Soy Wax 
-50 hours of burn time
-300 ml