Hello there, nice of you to drop by wanting to know a little more about us behind LUCEO! Guess it’s all about the people, and in this case it's about one male (that would be me, Andreas) - a little messed up just coming out from a divorce, deciding to try this thing called Tinder. And then there’s this one woman, with broad life experience from both New York and Paris, flipping the Tinder choices. 

After the first date in (wow is all I will say) a trip to Barcelona was booked, and 4 weeks later off we went. Tip for everyone in the same situation, travel as soon as possible, best way to learn if you fit together and obviously we did.;) It's also on this trip where we first experienced CBD products. Cecilia (now you got her name) focusing on the face creams and their soothing and calming effects, while I geniously planted how CBD could be used for other areas. 

And from this trip, 4 weeks after our first date, we founded the idea behind LUCEO. But it wasn’t until a little later (in 2021) that timing was right, and that it all finally took shape in what we now can present as the brand LUCEO.

We can’t put all the products out there as we would like, being a small shop and all, but eventually with time it will grow. Guess this is the essence of LUCEO, putting the best products out there (those we can stand behind) including great design, packaging and customer experience. We start with what we can, just a few chosen products for you to dip your toe in the skincare-world.

Apart from LUCEO, Cecilia & I have grown as a couple, we have challenged each other - ohhh my God - but that is part of life.;) With the launch of LUCEO we have now taken a step further on our journey. 

LUCEO btw, means light or shine in Latin, and we felt that’s really something that comes out of this. From the inside & out.

Super thrilled to have you with us! 


Andreas Bergh - Co-Founder & Business Development
Cecilia Ekmark - Co-Founder & Creative Director

PS: Drop us a note, would love to hear what you think! info@luceoluceo.com

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Face Rescue Cream en ELLE

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