Glow Balm - utvalt av VOGUE

YAY! Vi är superglada över att vår Glow Balm presenteras i VOGUE Scandinavia senaste "7 produkter Vogue Scandinavias skönhetsredaktör är besatt av denna vecka". Läs de kloka orden från deras briljanta skönhetsredaktör Esteban G Villanueva:

"I’m not kidding that CBD is probably one ingredient that has tripled its presence in my beauty routine over the past months, and to be honest, I’m not mad about it. My latest discovery in this realm of natural skincare comes from Swedish brand Luceo and their Glow Balm. Maybe it’s the Latino in me, but I love a good multipurpose balm. Dry skin? Balm. Flaky texture? Balm. Irritated skin? Balm. Chapped lips? Balm. 

Luceo’s 2% formula is designed to hydrate while soothing, which is what makes the product such an all-star performer. With a herby scent, the fully vegan balm melts into the skin, allowing for seamless hydration and nourishment of the skin." Read full article here.


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