What Could CBD Do for Skin?

What Could CBD Do for Skin?

What Could CBD Do for Skin? As the CBD skin-care market is expected to grow to a value of over $216.8 billion in the next five years, you can expec...

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Best Balm: Glow Balm

Glow Balm won skonhetsredaktorerna.se yearly award Beauty Oscar in the category for Skincare: Best Balm. We are super happy and thrilled to hear that so many of you are truly loving this product as much as we do.;) Not only does the Glow Balm feel good, but it does good too. Heatly looking skin is a true confidence booster, and that's what it's really all about. 

"Category Skincare Best Balm: Luceo – Glow Balm Multipurpose Ointment. A loving companion that nurtures, calms and repairs all at once. A brilliant combo!"

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LUCEO in the news


The Glow Balm was featured VOGUE Scandinavia's "7 products VOGUE Scandinavia's beauty editor is obsessed with this week".

"I’m not kidding that CBD is probably one ingredient that has tripled its presence in my beauty routine over the past months, and to be honest, I’m not mad about it. My latest discovery in this realm of natural skincare comes from Swedish brand Luceo and their Glow Balm. Maybe it’s the Latino in me, but I love a good multipurpose balm. Dry skin? Balm. Flaky texture? Balm. Irritated skin? Balm. Chapped lips? Balm. 

Luceo’s 2% CBD formula is designed to hydrate while soothing, which is what makes the product such an all-star performer. With a herby scent, the fully vegan balm melts into the skin, allowing for seamless hydration and nourishment of the skin." - Beauty Editor Esteban G Villanueva

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Did you know...


CBD contains many compounds with oil-reducing, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties that may help improve acne.

A 2014 study explored the effects of CBD on human sebocytes. These are the cells that create sebum, which is a waxy, oily substance the skin produces. While sebum helps protect our skin, excessive sebum can also result in acne. The study indicates that CBD can prevent sebocytes from creating too much sebum.

A 2016 review notes the potential antibacterial and antifungal properties of the cannabis plant. That could help prevent acne due to infections on the skin.

A 2019 study suggests that CBD may be beneficial for treating the appearance of acne scars. Yay to that!