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Our CBD skincare products are carefully chosen - they are vegan & cruelty-free. And no added synthetic perfumes what so ever. Clean & simple - yet effective. Welcome to the Glow Balm Bonanza page!

Glow Balm Collection

KIT001: The StarterKIT001: The Starter

KIT001: The Starter

5 reviews
1 099 SEK
KIT008: The Care & RepairKIT008: The Care & Repair

KIT008: The Care & Repair

1 review
1 699 SEK
KIT007: The RadianceKIT007: The Radiance

KIT007: The Radiance

No reviews
1 499 SEK
KIT003: The Calm DownKIT003: The Calm Down

KIT003: The Calm Down

No reviews
979 SEK
KIT006: The Ultimate CBDKIT006: The Ultimate CBD

KIT006: The Ultimate CBD

1 review
2 099 SEK

Why CBD?

Why CBD? Its calming and anti-inflammatory aspects makes it a real power house ingredient for sensitive and unruly skin.